This project was quite interesting and educational to work on. The aragonite crystals (the black angular ones) were particularly tricky because of their color and reflectivity. I had to use cross polarization like I did for the avocado to remove the reflectivity in the photos in order to be able to produce a quality model. The side effect of this is that it was difficult for the program to get a good read on the surface texture of the crystals, so it produced an accurate model aside from these crystals which had a fine sand like topography instead of smooth hard facets. 
As a result, I had to import the model into blender to use the mesh edit and sculpting modes to rework the crystals. 
I also dabbled with the transmission settings in the BDSF shader node in blender in order to try and depict the translucency of the calcite. In all the renders as well as the gif below, the subject is lit from behind as well to illustrate that translucency. 
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