For this project, I was assigned the task of creating a logo based on the words drama and bookshop.
After I started brainstorming and I came up with an idea I felt had a lot of potential. It revolved around using theatrical masks as bookends for a row of books to visually represent drama bookshop.  Seeing as it's a bookshop I wanted the logo to have a tactile, printed ink feel to it. 
I decided to get a stamp produced with the logo and then I created a bunch of different stamp marks by varying the amount of ink, the amount of pressure applied to the stamp, and the way in which I stamped. I then digitized and separated the graphic from the type to create a set of each which can be combined to form many unique variations. In addition, since parts of the digitized stamps are semitransparent, they can be layered to create new variations not seen in the source material.
Below is an example of layering existing versions to create new ones with subtle but noticeable differences. Other versions could be used for more dramatic variations. The below gif was made using only 4 original stamp marks of 28 available in the sample material.
By varying the layering and blending between them there are many possibilities even between a few marks. The result is a set of assets for producing dynamic combinations of the logo with a unique tactile, printed quality. 
While this works well for digital and bulk applications, I would still recommend utilizing a physical stamp for smaller scale applications where doing so would add a tangible boon to the shopping experience for the consumer.
This system can be applied to produce patterns for packaging and branding materials at scale.
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