Packaging + Brand Identity
This project is something I had been thinking about ever since I was working on some designs for guitar picks as part of a design exercise. I came up with an idea and I felt it had a lot more potential beyond guitar picks so when I had some time, I set about working on this project. 
The goal was to create something bold, distinctive, and visually informative; something that would catch a consumer's eye and convey what they need to know in a simple and effective manner. 
As I developed the idea, the scope of the project grew to encompass a full suite of external package designs for guitar accessories as well as the creation of a brand for the project.
I decided to create a simple crisp graphic of the actual products to indicate the contents of the package as well as any variations the products had. For instance, the pick package and string package graphics indicate not only picks and strings respectively, but also the weight of them as well. This is also seen in the amp cable packaging where the coil grows to show the length. 
The intention is that this allows a potential consumer to easily identify the brand, the specific product, and the specific variation that they are looking for whether they are looking at it from a distance, or up close.  It's simple, clean, and visually informative, while standing out from the crowd due to its relative simplicity.
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