For this project I was tasked with creating a pamphlet for an event. I chose the Soundings Exhibit at MoMa.  Soundings was a collection of sound performances and sound art which ran from August 10 to November 3rd in 2017. I wanted the pamphlet to be representative of the exhibit itself while of course also being informative and conveying the necessary info about the exhibit.
I utilized offset colors and shapes to evoke vibration and movement throughout the elements of the pamphlet.  Sound is dynamic, and it fills a space. To reflect that I decided to incorporate a three dimensional representation of sound in the form of a sound wave which runs through the interior of the pamphlet. Soundings is an exhibition of sound as art and sound as performance. It made sense to carry that into the design of the pamphlet. 
Please note, these photos were taken a few years after the piece was made and they reflect the wear and tear it got in that time.
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