As part of my Web Design class, I was tasked with coming up with a concept for a website and creating a website design with mobile and desktop breakpoints.
I came up with Soundscape, a social music sharing site where you can find and follow other people who have similar musical tastes to find new music you'll like. Music is a very social and cultural experience; it connects people. It makes sense to find music through others with similar taste. 
My goal with the site was make a place where you could easily find new music you like or share the music you like with others. 
Early on in the project I created an initial site map, identifying the various pages and how they would connect to one another.
I then created wireframes for the site's various pages in both desktop and mobile configurations.  
Once I created the wireframes, I was able to get a better sense of how the site map translated into an experience and revised it accordingly.
I then created a UX Deck detailing the entire site, how the elements on each page functioned, and how a user would interact with them as they used the site. A sampling of pages from throughout the deck are depicted below.
After that I added the final assets and finished the working prototype for both mobile and desktop in Adobe XD  I was then tasked with making a walk-through video to present in class alongside my live commentary detailing the site and the user experience. That video is below. 
Please Note: The video has no audio. 
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