This model was interesting to work on because of its very textured surface as well as its physical dimensions and weight distribution. While I normally place the object I'm photographing on top of a cardboard tube wrapped in black velvet in front of a black velvet background, in this case that didn't entirely work because the bread wouldn't stand upright by itself. 
I wound up having to stick the bread on top of a metal rod covered in black velvet (sitting atop my turntable) in order to take the photographs that comprised a ring wrapping around the x axis of the loaf. This coupled with photographs of the side of the loaf while resting on both its top and bottom produced a very detailed model and texture set.
Like usual, the models and initial Normal/Diffuse Maps are created in Reality Capture. I then create a roughness map from the diffuse map in Photoshop by turning it black and white and adjusting the levels. I also sometimes invert it prior to level adjustments if need be. I do this for objects which are darker in value to begin with like the brownie model for example.
At this point, I bring everything into blender for fine tuning of the maps and then add some lighting and create rendered stills as well as videos depicting the model spinning.
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