SXSW is a multi industry convention where people can host or attend talks and presentations. It covers four main areas/industries including film, comedy, music, and interactive. In researching the event I looked at interviews with attendees to get a better sense of what they took away from it. I noticed that when asked about what they value the most about attending SXSW, one overwhelmingly common response was the connections they made with others while there.
SXSW is a natural melting pot which successfully facilitates lasting connections between the people who take part in it.
For this project was tasked with creating branding and collateral for the convention including a logo, design system, posters, passes, and swag such as t-shirts and bags. 
Seeing as connections were such a strong point of value for attendees I wanted to use that as a nexus for my design. I decided to use the X in SXSW as a visual crossroads, a convergence between the various industries and the people within them. This became the logo for the event. 
I created a system where each arm of the X, coupled with an associated pattern represents a different segment of the convention. I then applied and expanded this system to cover the posters, passes, and collateral. I created a poster for each industry, which together can be combined into one larger poster forming the X mark and representing the entire convention.
I also created passes for each arm of the convention as well as a tote bag, and t-shirt.
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