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Our goal was to learn about Newburgh and the people who live there, get to know them and understand what their needs are, and create a campaign which specifically addressed how the Time Bank can help them with their individual needs and goals as well as the larger needs of the collective community. 
This project is a group project I was a part of during Design Corps (a semester long class in which we as a class worked collectively as a design agency with guidance from our professors. We worked with nonprofits to further their endeavors. I worked as part of a team with Louisse Lopez, Nina Park, and Julia Reid. 
We were tasked with creating branding and a campaign with collateral for the Together We Can Timebank in Newburgh, NY. The overarching goal from a design standpoint was to create awareness about the existence of the time bank and to explain both what a time bank is and how it can help the residents of Newburgh. 
A timebank is a time exchange. If someone needs help with something and you have the skillset and time to help them, you offer to do so and in exchange for your time you get a time credit per hour. Then when you need something, someone can help you in exchange for those time credits. It's a way to get the community to help each other to get the services they need. Everyone's time is worth the same. 
We visited Newburgh and met with the creator of the Timebank and talked to many residents to get a better idea of the issues they face and how the Timebank could help address them. 

Broadway, Newburgh's commercial street. Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Newburgh is a poor neighborhood. The infrastructure is in disrepair and the residents often work multiple jobs just to get by. There is a big need for certain services such as childcare, translation, and transportation. Most residents do not have easy access to or regularly use the internet and social media. The challenge was how to reach residents and reach them in a way that incentivized them to try the time bank.
In our research we found that word of mouth was by far the most successful means of propagation of information - and follow up with that info; followed by print materials. We decided to partner with local organizations - restaurants and small businesses which were pillars of the community and had been for years. We then designed flyers, brochures, and posters to post around town and in these partner locations. Through the partners' word of mouth and these flyers, posters, and brochures, people could be informed about time banking and how it could help them, as well as helping them participate.
In addition to the print materials, we also created a website for the parent non-profit organization IMPACT Inc. and a social media campaign for the timebank for those who use social media. The social media campaign revolved around highlighting everyday members of the community and recognizing their contributions through the time bank. 
Lastly, we created an event plan for themed quarterly community gathering where everyone can get together and have a good time and if they are open to it - learn a bit about the timebank as well. 
We started by establishing a brand for the timebank. We created a logo, decided on typography, brand colors, brand voice, and created a series of brand icons and patterns.
We then set about designing a brochure, flyers, posters, a banner, social media assets, and then a logo and website for Impact Inc; the timebank's parent non profit.
You can visit the site at
Please note, the site design/content may have changed since we delivered it to the client. 
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